Art Monaco 2013

Det är drygt 5 veckor kvar innan flyget går ner till Monaco. Tavlorna är färdiga och jag är fasen helt redo. Redo för mitt livs äventyr! Nervös, men förväntansfull. Det här är det största jag har gjort.

Såhär beskrivs eventet på Art Monaco’s hemsida:

”With a reputation known for its artistic caliber and transcendent setting, Art Monaco is pleased to announce its forthcoming edition taking place once again from April 25th to the 28th 2013. Art enthusiasts and luxury lovers will coincide with one another only to meet in one of the world’s most equidistant artistic regions to celebrate the new extraordinary edition of the contemporary art show in the French Riviera –Art Monaco ‘13.
Being hosted at what is known to be the “Playground for the Rich and Famous”, during four days Monaco will be enriched with some of the most sought out for distinctive art that will merely compliment the beauty and breathtaking scenes that the Principality is so well known for.
Art Monaco ‘13 will invite recognized and established galleries as well as emerging ones from all regions around the globe and will be able to expose and sell their art in the most sumptuous setting. The occasion will allow the forthcoming of all individuals to gather around in a social hub with some of the most influential and renowned individuals of our time.”

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