European artists

Fick hem katalogen från utställningen i New York för några dagar sen. På fyra sidor finns jag och mina tavlor. Känns så himla kul att jag fått vara med om det här, jag tänker mycket på det. Tillsammans med katalogen står certifikatet numera på stringhyllan i min ateljéhörna. Som en påminnelse om alla äventyr, om att min konst är uppskattad och vad jag faktiskt kan. Det gör mig glad, tusan.

Såhär står det bland annat:

The relationship between Nordic people and nature has always been a source of inspiration. The Nordic artists have always told about the snowy landscapes and the impenetrable forests. Animals have always been present in legends and stories that in turn have been reflected in pictorial expressions in all time. The new generation of Nordic artists, such as Anna Engebrethsen, follows the tradition; but they interpret the tradition with modern and personal eyes. The forest is present, but has lost the characteristics of a physical space, to instead devolve into a symbolic dimension and transcend into a fable. The snowy landscapes become monochrome white backgrounds, worked skillfully with strokes of a spatula, as ancient embroidery. The white is no longer white but variations of light and shadows in a dynamic geometry. On the white the animals stands out, but are also elusive, partially hidden. The animals is complete only in the soul of the artist which leaves room for the viewer to look within himself to complete the non-visible part of the beast, supplementing it with their own emotions and their own experiences. Anna is very skilled in the research of the dynamic and mechanical movements of the animal; her ability to understand that makes her able to just hint at the movement, just let us guess the movement with a few skillful strokes of the brush. Anna takes us into the mythical north, through her eyes, to a fairytale.

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